Product Description

Golf Putting Green is our multi use synthetic grass suitable for recreational areas and also perfect for golf putting. This product only requires sand infill. Can be used for either commercial application like a mini golf course or a nice backyard installation.

Technical Specifications

Yarn properties

Construction: PE Curl 5500 Dtex
Colour: Two tones green
Yarn width: 1.1mm (+/-0.1mm)
Yarn weight: 950 gram per sq metre (+/-5%)
U.V Stability: Yarn is made to withstand Ultraviolet degradation


Pile height: 12mm (+/-0.5mm)
Stitch rate 16 per 100mm (+/-2)
Gauge 3/16”
Density 84000 Knots/ m2 (+/-2%)
Roll dimension: 4m x 25m & 2m x 25m


No. of layers: Triple
Material: 100% heavy woven polypropylene backing
Colour Black
Water permeability: 60litres /m²/min (No sand)


Dried Silica sand, infill approx 3-5kg per sqm